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Come run, flip, jump and play at Desert Thunder Gymnastics Open Gyms!

At Open Gym, you can explore the gym and practice skills on your own, without the structure of a class enviornment.

Our facility has all the apparatuses for both women and men's Olympic events. The gym includes a large, carpeted spring floor, in-ground trampoline, Tumbl Trak, jump-in foam pit, traditional gymnastics apparatuses, and a climbing rope.

Our Open Gym sessions are 1 hour and 15 minutes long. They are staffed by our trained instructors. We offer 2 different sessions: one designed for pre-school kids, and another session for those age 6 and up.

preschool open gym (ages 5 and under)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

open gym (ages 6 and up)
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

parkour open gym
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

To maximize the level of safety for all, there are some gym rules that must be followed by everyone:

  • Only one person jumping on the trampoline at one time

  • Only one person jumping into the foam pit at a time. The next person must wait till the pit is cleared of bodies before jumping in.

  • Look before you leap, run, tumble, or move from one area of the gym to another. Make sure you see that your path is clear, and take great care to see that you are not obstructing the path of someone else.

costs per Open Gym session per person:

members: $10.00    non-members: $15.00

annual membership fee: $50.00

Every open gym participant must fill out a one-time waiver form to have on file. You can click on the appropriate link below to download a printable copy to bring to the gym with you.

over age 18 waiver form

child waiver form

office hours

Monday - Friday: 4:00-7:30pm

Saturday: 9:30am-11:00am

phone: (520) 378-3480


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