Recreational classes

Boys and Girls Gymnastics Classes
age 6 and up

These are 1-2 hour classes, depending on the class level. The students are placed in a class of students in their own age and gender grouping. Students are given instruction on all pieces of gymnastics apparatus designed for their grouping. Students are taught basic to intermediate gymnastic skills, flexibility and strength. The goal is to challenge each student to excel at their own level of development and encourage a fun and healthy lifestyle through gymnastics. Students who feel that gymnastics is "their sport" and would like to excel further, may want to consider signing up for two classes a week.

1-2 hours, once a week.

Boys gymnastics classes

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Boys level 1

Boys level 2*

Girls gymnastics classes

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*pre-requisite of successful accomplishment of skills in prior levels before enrolling in next level


We offer two levels of classes:

Beginning Tumbling: Training for the inexperienced tumbler. Students will be learning rolls, handstands, cartwheels, roundoffs, walkovers, and handsprings. These skills will be taught on the floor, tumble-trak and trampoline.

Intermediate Tumbling: For the experienced tumbler who has can confidently perform the beginning skills and are working confidence on the roundoff back handspring and above.

Recommended for those who are interested in cheerleading, parkour, dance or those in recreational gymnastics, who want to progress faster in their tumbling. As student numbes increase, this class may be divided into skill levels, either within the class, or as separate classes.

For ages 6 and up, 1 hour, once a week.

Co-ed tumbling classes

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Beginning tumbling

Intermediate tumbling